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Why use NextStep AI for recruiting?

The job market is changing quickly and it is not easy to find skilled workers. Many of the best potential employees are not actively looking for a job, but rather are passive or open to new opportunities. This group is often highly qualified and very valuable to companies.

The big question is: How do we reach these people?

Our answer: AI-based social recruiting with NextStep HR.

Frequently asked:

Why AI in recruiting?

We use AI to find the optimal media mix and its weighting. Depending on the location and job sector chosen, the competition varies greatly.

With our AI, we find the optimal strategy and can significantly improve your cost per application, and even the quality of the applicants.

What makes NextStep different?

As fresh KIT graduates, we are right at the source of new technologies - and in the middle of the generation of young workers.

With Lorenz's expertise in recruiting and Finn's AI skills, we have the perfect combination to sustainably improve your recruiting.

Where does the AI's data come from?

We work closely with major job boards and use GDPR-compliant anonymized statistics to train our algorithms.

Which interfaces do you use?

All that you want!

We always adapt to the customer - whether you want to use your own applicant management or receive applications via email or similar.

What media do you use?

Here too, there are no limits:

- Job portals (Indeed, Stepstone, Xing, LinkedIn, and more)
- Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more)
- Marketplaces like classified ads and search engines like Google

and many more. Depending on the job field and location chosen, the mix varies.

How does it work?

Tell us who and where you are looking for. We will contact you promptly and arrange a free initial consultation with further suggestions for your recruiting.

NextStep Applicant-Tracking

Loosing track of applications?

We offer both, integrations to existing Applicant-Tracking-Systems and even our own ATS system, whitelabeled for your company.

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